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Southend Hostel Bremen, Jakobistr. 23 A
Dorms From:€16.00
Southend Hostel Bremen
The Southend Hostel Bremen moved - We now are in the old part of Bremen. We are in the middle of the center and the night life More Info... »
Townside Hostel Bremen, Am Dobben 61-62
Dorms From:€19.32
Privates From:€31.50
Townside Hostel Bremen
The Townside Hostel is located in the liveliest area of Bremen the Ostertor........... More Info... »
GastHaus Bremen Backpacker Hostel, Emil-Waldmann-Strasse 5-6
Dorms From:€21.60
Privates From:€26.14
GastHaus Bremen Backpacker Hostel
The Backpacker Hostel in Bremen! Ideally situated in the center of this young and old city. A friendly, clean, safe and quiet house. Your sightseeing, shopping and the lively evening entertainment all within walking distance. More Info... »
Eureka Bed&Breakfast in Bremen, Kornstrasse 16
Privates From:€24.00
Eureka Bed&Breakfast in Bremen
Eureka Bed&Breakfast is a small Hostel situated in the City of Bremen. More Info... »
Hemelingen Attic, Glockenstr. 16
Privates From:€29.50
Hemelingen Attic
This One-Room Apartment Hemelingen Attic is located in a historical building. It is a one-room apartment with private bathroom, kitchen and a great view over the rooftops of Bremen's district Hemelingen. Free WiFi is available in the apartment. More Info... »

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