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Casa Valentina - away with the fairies, Cortona, Italy
Via C.S. Teverina 4, Cortona, Italy
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Property description

Casa Valentina "Away with the Fairies"
Grab yourself a piece of paradise, retreat into nature and indulge in devine tranquillity:
Nestled in a natural amphitheatre in a mountain nature reserve 11 kilometers from Cortona Casa Valentina offers a taste of Tuscany wonder.
The peaceful "Away with the Fairies" is set on a huge property overlooking the mystical peaks of Tuscany and Umbria.
Surrounded by forest, birdsong and soothing nature it offers some wonderful hiking trails which start at your doorstep.
It is a good alternative for anyone wanting a break or a bit more Peace than Party. You'll just hear the clink of bamboo wind chimes and the purring of the glossy cat "Mietzi". So chill
There is plenty of space to do your own thing, And if chilling is your thing ... then spend your days in the shade of grand old trees dotted with swings and hammocks that offer secret mountain views
Fling open your arms and yell star praises - the neighbours won't mind, they are too far away to hear
Lose yourself in the hills, the swings or the quiet rooms. Take quiter days in bird watching, cherry picking or throw some pieces in the ceramic workshop. Early risers can catch sunrise: wake up to the songs of the birds and let nature soothe your spirit.

If you are up for more action Cortona is close enough to feel totaly part of all happenings: So take one of the bikes and do some wild mountain trecking or extreme mountain biking.
Casa Valentina has its own sailingboat at the Lake Trasimeno. They are the only ones who organize sailingtrips to the islands. Don't miss this fun filled adventure
Whatever you choose, there is plenty of good energy here so expect something unique.
If you appreciate simplicity and natural living you will love this out of the ordinary space.

The good vibes come from all the natural stone and timber materials that make up the house built in the 13th century. There is a huge fireplace which make whiling away slow evenings a piece of I-want-some-more-cake.

Winfried, a worldwide traveller is passionate about his place and dedicated to ensuring that your stay is comfortable. He has only space for 12 guests so you are always assured of personal attention and his warm hospitality has tempted many travellers to change their plans and stay for just a little longer.

The property is selfcatering and remote so bring plenty of supplies, but a few "bare basics" may be purchased from him. Yummy pizzas come from the genuine wood-fired oven. Spice your cooking with free herbs from the garden .
It is well-suited to self-drive travellers but cars must be left down 200 meters at the driveway. For those who donĀ“t have a car, Casa Valentina has its own bus stop, and hitchhiking with the locals is fun too.
If you stay for 3 nights, you get a free pickup from the trainstation and a guided tour through the historic center of Cortona.
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