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Hotel Pop Bogomil, Sofia, Bulgaria
Pop Bogomil Str. 5, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Did you know... you can book up to 28 nights in this property?
PLEASE NOTE, Prices are per person per night in USD
Room Types 23rd
No. Of guests
Basic Single Private Ensuite $27.39 $27.39 $27.39
Deluxe Double Bed Private Ensuite $21.52 $21.52 $21.52
Standard Twin Private Ensuite $19.56 $19.56 $19.56
Standard Double Bed Private Ensuite $18.26 $18.26 $18.26
Standard 3 Bed Private Ensuite $15.65 $15.65 $15.65

Property description

This is a small family bed and breakfast hotel situated in a quiet street in the central part of Sofia. We have 10 double rooms, each of them with a different interior with distinct individuality.

Our hotel offers low prices, modern design, safety, quietness and privacy, hospitality and high quality services. There is not a more pleasant sensation than being awoken by the sun's rays in a cosy room, arranged with taste in warm colours.

In hotel Pop Bogomil you will feel yourself at home.

Some nearby attractions and amenities include:
- Cinema (500 metres)
- Museum (500 metres)
- Theatre (1km)
- Shopping centre (100 metres)
- Train and bus station (1km)
Food & Drink:
  • Not Included
  • Bar
  • CafĂ©
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Tours Desk
  • Luggage Storage