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Hostel Park Iguazu, Puerto Iguazu, Argentine
Paulino Amarante N� 111, Puerto Iguazu, Argentine
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Savez vous... que cette propriété accepte les réservations pour des séjours allant jusqu’à 31 nuits?
Merci de noter ce qui suit, les prix indiqués s'entendent par personne et par nuit dans EUR
Type de chambre 21
Nombre de personnes
Basic 1 lit Privé Avec Salle De Bain €12.73 €12.73 €12.73
Basic 2 lits Privé Avec Salle De Bain €7.64 €7.64 €7.64
Double Lit Privé Avec Salle De Bain €10.18 €10.18 €10.18
Basic 3 Lit Privé Avec Salle De Bain €7.64 €7.64 €7.64
Basic 4 Lit Privé Avec Salle De Bain €7.00 €7.00 €7.00
4 Lit Dortoire Mixte €5.60 €5.60 €5.60

Description de l'établissement

Why should you choose Hostel Park Iguazu????

Because you will understand and know one of the big marvels of the current world... and to live a memorable experience, feeling the incredible and inexplicable sensation of so much nature, where you can experience the wonderful Iguaz� Waterfalls. You deserve a rest, with security, cleanliness, amusement, and people that will make you feel the same as if you were in your home.

Our Staff are always available to assist guests with questions or requests... always advising the best way to spend your time, in a more comfortable and economic way.

Now provide new service!!!

Our rooms are for 2 and 4 people,
All private rooms include:
* Private bathroom , Individual lockers , Hot water 24 hours, breakfast (Self-services)
, Air condition, Swimming pool, Towels, Internet,Tourist Information and reservation for Argentinean, Brazilian and Paraguay Trips

We also have the following services:
* Open Bar, Grill, Kitchen, TV Room, DVD driver, Music, Book Exchange, Check-in 24hrs, Transfers...

For Shared room:
Include all

What else we can say to you??? Words will never be enough to describe what you are going to experience simple... Come.... Live.... and then ... share your experience !!
    • Petit déjeuner inclus
    • Restaurant
    • Transfert de l'aéroport à l'hôtel
    • Draps fournis
    • Bar
    • Serviettes de toilettes
    • Coffres-forts
    • Bagagerie
    • Piscine
    • Réception 24h/24
    • Stand d'information pour touristes
    • Chambres communes
    • Garage à vélo
    • Zone de barbecue
    • Check in 24h/24
    • Air conditionné