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HI-Hotel Jerusalem, Potosi, Bolivia
Calle Oruro No: 143, Potosi, Bolivia
 Map And Directions 
Did you know... you can book up to 28 nights in this property?
PLEASE NOTE, Prices are per person per night in GBP
Room Types 26th
No. Of guests
Single Private Ensuite £20.69 £20.69 £20.69
Double Bed Private Ensuite £16.47 £16.47 £16.47
Twin Private Ensuite £16.47 £16.47 £16.47
3 Bed Private Ensuite £15.31 £15.31 £15.31

Property description

Hostelling International Bolivia presents HI-Hotel Jerusalem in the silver town of Potos� - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Close to this historic location, HI-Jerusalem is a new 3-storey building with a colonial reception, very comfortable rooms, all with private facilities. The breakfast room on top offers you a superb view of the city and its famous �Cerro Rico�, the rich mountain! Just come and take a picture!

Once one of the richest and biggest cities of the 16th century, Potosi still has an active silver mine.
    • 24 Hour Reception
    • Travel Desk/Travel Info
    • Common Room

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